Internet Safety

At Park Primary School we believe that educating our children about being safe on-line is very important.  As part of our Computing curriculum all children from Foundation Stage to Year Six undertake lessons identifying some of the risks about being on-line and how to keep themselves safe.

The internet is a wonderful resource of information but it is also a dangerous place to allow your children to navigate without supervision or some form of automated protection or filtering of potentially dangerous areas that would allow for social grooming to occur and as well as children accessing inappropriate materials.

We provide links to online resources that we suggest you take time out to read and keep yourself knowledgeable about the risks and ensure your child has a wonderful online experience.

Disturbing YouTube videos: fact sheet for parents

You may have seen news reports about inappropriate children’s videos on YouTube.

These are videos that, at first, appear to be for children, as they include cartoon characters such as Peppa Pig, or characters from Disney films such as Frozen. However, later on the videos become violent or disturbing. One, for example, shows Peppa Pig being tortured at the dentist.

The videos can appear in YouTube search results when children look for genuine children’s videos.
YouTube says that such videos will be age-restricted if they are reported by users, so they cannot be viewed by anyone under 18.

This fact sheet explains how you can protect your child when they are using YouTube apps or the website.


YouTube Safety Factsheet 329.88 KB 45 downloads

childnet-logoChildnet – Whether you’re puzzled by parental controls or would like to know more about gaming, this website can help.

uk-safer-internet-centre-logoUK Safer Internet Centre –  Here you will find films, storybooks and other fun sites, with plenty of information to help you enjoy your time online and stay safe on the internet.


kidsmart-logoKidsmart –  Lots of advice on safe surfing covering lots of devices, games consoles. Home of the SMART rules for safe internet use.


digizenDigizen –  this is a great site that informs and instructs all internet uses young and old on becoming a responsible online citizen or Digizen as they like to call it!


thinkuknow-logoThinkuKnow –  Since 2006, Thinkuknow has been keeping children and young people safe by providing education about sexual abuse and sexual exploitation. It’s content is underpinned by CEOP advice – (see below)


ceop-logo2CEOP – The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre works across the UK tackling child sex abuse and providing advice for parents, young people and children about internet safety and online safety.


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