At Park, homework is valued as an opportunity for children, parents and teachers to build a shared responsibility for learning.
We believe that homework can:

  • enable children to consolidate and reinforce their skills and understanding, particularly in literacy and numeracy,
  • encourage children to develop the independence, resilience and self-discipline needed to study on their own,
  • build an effective partnership between home and school,
  • enable parents to be involved in their child’s education,
  • exploit resources for learning that may not be available in school,
  • prepare older children for secondary school.
Parents and carers have an important part to play in ensuring that homework supports their child’s learning and development. By supporting their child with homework, parents can have a significant impact on progress.

We ask parents and carers to:

  • make sure they are aware when homework has been set and help ensure it is returned on time,
  • make sure that children have the necessary time to do their homework and a quiet space to work,
  • encourage their child and praise them when homework has been completed,
  • be actively involved in joint homework activities,
  • let the class teacher know if their child experiences any persistent difficulties,
  • be aware of how much time children are spending on completing homework
Children are expected to read four times a week as an essential part of their homework.

We ask parents to read to their child regularly as well as hear them read, even when their child has become an independent reader. Young children also benefit from having stories read to them that they cannot read themselves.

Children in Key Stage Two now have access to Mathletics, which is an online Maths challenge site.  Teachers can monitor progress and children will achieve certificates for completing mathematical challenges.  If your child does not have access to the internet at home they will be able to attend Mathletics club in school (Years 3 and 4 are Wednesday lunchtimes and Years 5 and 6 are Thursday lunchtimes).  Children in Key Stage One will receive weekly homework relating to number bonds and times tables.
All children will receive weekly homework relating to spellings and phonics.  It is important that children practise these and return them to their class teacher on the specified day.
Occasionally, your child may receive homework relating to the topic they are studying in school.  The class teacher will send details of these when required.

Should you require any assistance with your child’s homework, or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher.  Our homework policy and Curriculum coverage booklets can be found on our website within the class pages.

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