Head Girl & Boy


Head Boy

Michal – Hello, my name is Michal, and I am the head boy this year. 
I think that because I do not shout out, I do not fight and, most importantly, I always try my best. Although I don’t always get everything right, I never give up. I think that a Head Boy should be trustworthy, communicative, and calm. The thing I enjoy the most about school is definitely playing football with my friends and surprisingly, maths. 
Outside of school, I really enjoy swimming. I go swimming every Tuesday and it is one of the things I look forward to every week. 
I have gotten many prizes and awards in the past, but this is certainly the best of them all.


Head Girl

Lacey – Hello, my name is Lacey and i am so pleased to have been chosen to be Head Girl within our school. I started at Park Primary School at the age of four and since then I have loved everything that i have done and the opportunities that I have been given. I am polite, trustworthy and I  work hard I everything I do. 
My favourite subject is school is English because I love to write. The interest I have outside of school are Freestyle dancing and singing. 
All the teachers here at Park Primary School are so helpful and lovely. I wish I could stay here forever but sadly I can’t. 
I am grateful to be given the opportunity to represent our wonderful school and the pupils who attend Park Primary School.

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