Head Girl & Boy


Head Boy

Hello, my name is Ethan. I have been selected to be the new Head Boy in this outstanding school. I think I would be a great Head Boy since I am helpful, I don’t shout out and I try my best. I also do what I am told first time every time and I’m calm, helping and trustworthy. My favourite subjects are Maths, English and History. My favourite sports are football, dodgeball and tennis. I joined this school in reception and got to know the teachers very well. I love being a part of this school because it brings a smile to my face when I have to come. Also, all the teachers, and teaching assistants, make learning fun and very helpful when you need it. Outside of school, I love playing football with my friends, going to the park and helping my friends with what they need it. I also love to read Harry Potter, Football and Beast Quest books. Although I love all subjects, I don’t like Response to Reading as much. The best part about school (to learn) is Maths because it’s my favourite subject and I’m really good at it. Also, I’m an inspirational role model. I usually don’t get everything right but I try my best and hopefully succeed.


Head Girl

Welcome, my name is Ieva and I’m very grateful to be representing this hard working school by being Head Girl. I’m a very trustworthy person within everything I do and can solve any dilemma that comes my way. Also, I’m a very sympathetic and an amusing person when it comes to cheering up distraught children. I love doing netball and all types of sports because it is challenging when It comes to new types of sports such as Cricket; my favourite subject is science –as it’s a very brain testing subject- and it’s fun as it comes to the experiments part. My least favourite subject has to be Guided Reading but I still participate as I have to. Even though I joined Park Primary in Year Four I’ve met all of the lovely staff, who make learning as fun as it should be. Outside of school, I enjoy walking near the rivers, spending my time reading at the parks and meditating. Although I’d love to be representing the school forever, I can’t as I need to move on with my career. Being given this opportunity has been completely life changing.

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