Head Girl & Boy


Head Boy

Hello, my name is Alton and I am honored to be Head Boy at Park Primary School. I started school at four years old and, since then, I’ve made lots of friends and made many memories- I wish I could stay here forever!
I have learnt many things during my seven years here and feel ready for life after Park- particularly with public speaking, which I feel very confident in doing. My favourite subject in school is Science as I like the fun experiments that we do. The teachers here are fun, always happy and try to make sure that everyone is enjoying their time in school.


Head Girl

Hi, my name is Olivia and it is a pleasure to say that I am head girl at Park Primary. I was born on the 12th of December 2008 in Blackburn Hospital. I enjoy being in the company of my friends and family and my working Cocker Spaniel, Louie.
Park Primary is an amazing school and I have been fortunate enough to make some brilliant friends and meet some amazing teachers. When I first moved here- in Year Two- everyone was so nice to me and I felt welcome straight away.
I would have to say my favorite subject in school is English. I have always loved reading and it has made my writing so much better! I also enjoy running, netball and I also attend drama classes every Wednesday and Saturday (at Stage Door Youth Theatre Group).
My classmates would describe me as goofy and crazy, although I can be sensible and serious when I need to be!

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