Our Governors

Meet Our Governors:

Meeting dates for Academic Year 2017/18

Full Governing Body – Thursday 28th September 2017 at 7.00pm

Curriculum Committee – Monday 16th October 2017 at 2.00pm

Resources Committee – Monday 16th October 2017 at 3.30pm

Full Governing Body – Thursday 23rd November 2017 at 7.00pm

Curriculum Committee – Monday 29th January 2018 at 2.00pm

Resources Committee – Monday 29th January 2018 at 3.30pm

Full Governing Body – Thursday 22nd March 2018 at 7.00pm

Curriculum Committee – Monday 15th May 2018 at 2.00pm

Resources Committee – Monday 15th May 2018 at 3.30pm

Full Governing Body – Thursday 14th June 2018 at 7.00pm

If you would like a copy of the Governors minutes of meetings please contact the school office. These will be issued as paper copies and there may be a small charge for photocopying.

What do Governors do?

Governors are responsible for overseeing the management and strategic direction of our school.  Governors are unpaid volunteers who give their time freely to benefit the school and its community, often spending around 8 – 10 hours each month on school matters. They are accountable to Ofsted, the Local Authority, Pupils and Parents for the performance of the school.

It is the Governors role to work with the Headteacher to ensure the accountability of the school and that the school uses its resources to benefit the school and its pupils.

Governors duties include:

  • Overseeing the schools financial performance and making sure the money it receives is well spent.
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils
  • Leading the Ethos and Strategic direction of the school
  • Setting of policies to effectively manage the school
Strategic Aims

Governors are responsible for the Strategic direction of the school and have a 5 year Strategic Plan.  They meet termly to discuss, review and monitor this plan.

Five Year Goal: Park Primary School we will be Outstanding in five years whilst maintaining its culture of care and high expectations for the school community.

Our Main Aims:

  • Having the highest quality of teaching and monitoring the progress of every child so that they all achieve to the best of their abilities.
  • Encourage and enable parents to be involved in their child’s school life and learning.
  • Providing a safe and caring environment for the school community.
  • Be forward looking – Learning from other schools and sharing good practice within Park Primary School
  • Making the best use of the resources available.
How do governors carry out their role?

The governors meet all together once each term at the Full Governing Body Meeting.  There are 5 further committees where more detailed discussions take place:

  • Curriculum Development
  • Standards & Effectiveness
  • Resources
  • Committee of Appointed Governors
  • Pay

They are also called upon from time to time to form other committee as necessary.

All governors visit the school regularly to ensure they have a good understanding of the school, its staff and its pupils.  The Chair of Governors will meet with the Headteacher at least once a week or more often when necessary.  Each governor is linked to a specific areas in the school, meet regularly with staff in their link area and receive bi-weekly updates from staff on their area. Findings from the updates and meetings are fed back into the full governing body meetings at regular intervals.

How is the Governing Body made up?

The governing body is made up of a representation of skills from a range of different backgrounds.

  • Head Teacher (1)
  • Staff (1)
  • Parent (2)
  • Local Authority Governor (1)
  • Co-opted Governors (10)
How to become a governor

When a vacancy arises on the governing body, an election tales place.

Parent Governor – When a vacancy for a Parent governor arises, all parents/carers of children at the school are notified of the vacancy in writing and the vacancy is also advertised on the school website. Parents interested in becoming a parent governor are asked to nominate themselves, by write a short piece about themselves.  Following this an election takes place where all parents of children in the school are invited to vote for a candidate of their choice.Staff governors are elected from the staff body by the staff of the school. The vacancy is advertised internally to all staff and nominations invited.  An election is held with each member of staff being invited to vote for the candidate of their choice.
Co-opted Governors are selected for the skills that they can offer to the governing body.  If you are interested and think you might have skills that would be invaluable to our school, applications are invited at any time by contacting Clerk to the Governors. When a vacancy arises for a Co-opted governor, candidates applications are reviewed and invited to speak to the link governor.  The governing body considers the applications against the skills required and a vote takes place on their election to the governing body.Local Authority Governor – Applications for LA governor are reviewed and discussed by the governing body and a vote takes place on their election to the governing body.

More information about becoming school governor and what the role might involve is available on the website of the National Governors Association http://www.nga.org.uk/Be-a-Governor.aspx

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