For pupils at Park Primary to have the best chances of success, it is vital that they are at school (and on time) every day the school is open unless the absence is unavoidable. Research shows that children with high attendance are more likely to progress academically, form good friendships and do well in the future. During the academic year of 2023/2024, Park is striving to achieve our target of 96% attendance. We aim to reach this goal through incentives for pupils, parental engagement and joint agency working. 

Attendance Star –  The class in each Key Stage with the highest weekly attendance is announced in assembly. These classes receive the ‘attendance star’ (collected by a pupil with 100% attendance) to be displayed on their classroom door and are awarded a whole class treat.
Punctuality Pal –  During good news assembly, pupils who have had perfect punctuality (arrived at school on time, between 8:50am and 9:00am, every day that week) are entered into a weekly raffle draw. The winner receives a squishy toy of their choice.
Termly Awards –  Pupils with 100% attendance receive a special Park Primary certificate.
Random Recognition Awards –  Pupils whose attendance/punctuality has improved are presented with certificates and stickers throughout the year.

Attendance pathways include:

  • If your child is going to be absent, please call the office and inform us of the reason before 9am that day. Miss Cooke, Pastoral Lead, will call you if we have not received a message. This telephone call might involve parents being informed of their child’s percentage attendance figure and concerns around attendance being raised.
  • We believe that a positive relationship between school, pupils and parents is key. Miss Laycock works closely with families to support them to improve attendance. This may involve: face-to-face conversations before or after school, home visits, meetings in school and parenting contracts.
  • If attendance concerns cannot be addressed using in-school strategies, cases may be referred to external agencies such as the Local Authority’s Pupil Attendance Support Team (PAST), Homestart, Children and Family Wellbeing Service (CFW) and the School Attendance Legal Team (SALT).
  • Regular attendance at school is a legal requirement. If a pupil has poor attendance which shows no improvement, parents may be issues with penalty notices and prosecuted in court.
Attendance Policy
Making the school run (relatively) stress free

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