As part of our work on the Second World War, Year Six enjoyed a full day at the Eden Camp Museum in North Yorkshire learning about many different aspects of the war. We wandered through the themed huts experiencing the sights, sounds and smells(!) of the period, whilst looking for answers to questions in our activity packs.


Quotes from the children:

“Eden Camp was a brilliant place to learn all about World War II It was really interesting and I learnt a lot from the trip.” James

“I loved the trip. All the huts were amazing. Not only was it fun but it was very educational – it was shocking to see what happened to ordinary people. The waxwork figure play scenes helped us understand so much more.” Lochlan

“I loved it. Especially the Blitz Hut because it was blacked out and there was smoke everywhere. I wish we could go again.” Rebekah

“My favourite part of Eden Camp was the U-Boat Hut because it showed what happened on board. When you went inside the boat it smelt really bad.” Daniel

This is a small selection of the photos taken on the day, to view all photos please visit our Trips and Visits page. You may also wish to look at Year 6EG Class and Year 6B Class pages to see our other work.

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