On Friday morning, our Year 6s spent the morning at Forest School completing a carousel of activities. Miss Newman was in charge of fire lighting, with the children flint and metal strips to ignite cotton wool – this proved to be a real success with the children quickly picking up the technique and wanted to have more cotton wool pads… Mr Farry was looking after children completing some ‘Wild-art’ with sketching in nature but also crafting metal sculptures of nature with thin metal wire. The latter proved a real challenge for the children, Laurie Kate and Karis from 6T completed a lovely 3D tree and 2D leaf. Erin from 6F made a fantastically detail pencil sketch of nature in her Art Book.

Finally Miss Ellis was keeping groups occupied with some outdoor dodgeball – not Forest School skills per se but the children had lots of fun none-the-less : )

A nice morning spent in the great outdoors and a nice break from the intense learning in Year 6!

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