Year 5 and 6 receive a passport to try new things!

This week we walked to Park High School to attend a Pupil Passport launch.  Many of the other local schools also attended.  It was great as we were able to catch up with last years Year 6 children and find out how they were getting on at high school.

The purpose of the trip was to receive a Pupil Passport each; these passports are packed full of exciting things for us all to try.  We want to experience as many things as possible and the passport gives us some great starting points.

It is really important that parents take part in these activities with us and sign the passport once they have been achieved.  We will use these in our spare time but will need to bring them into school on a regular basis.

On the day we learned how to:

  • tie a tie
  • tell a joke
  • spell our names phonetically
  • say hello in a range of languages

It was a fabulous day and we would like to thank Mr Calvert at Park High for organising it.



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