On Monday after-school at Fisher More, Lily, Eleanor, Zoe, Agota, Ieva, Carla, Hollie, Lily (Yr 5) and Alivia (Yr 5) competed in a Football league competition, which saw them playing very competitive matches against some tough opposing schools. The girls won their first match 5-0, their second was a draw 1-1 and they lost their final game 2-0. They all worked incredibly hard together and it was lovely to see their faces light up when they scored a goal.

Below are some of the key highlights of the competition –

  • Lily (Yr 6) accidentally kicking the ball at the other team, instead of towards her own teammates.
  • Eleanor, Alivia, Carla and Lily (Yr 5) putting in some brilliant tackles.
  • Zoe spending most of the first match doing star jumps in the net.
  • Hollie, Agota and Ieva worked as a great defensive team to put pressure on the opposition.
  • Lily (Yr 6) scoring an amazing goal from about a mile away.

Fingers crossed for the second league competition in a few weeks time 🙂


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