On Thursday, 12 pupils from Year 5 and 6 participated in an Athletics event at Park High School and came 2nd overall and are through to the Athletics Finals!!!

Each child competed in two field events such as the javelin, standing long jump, speed bounce; as well as one track event, a team relay and an obstacle course.

Main highlights of the night – 

  • The girls won every single track event, consisting of 6, 4 and 2 lap races and a team relay.
  • Jayden and Marshall came first in the standing long jump for the boys and Ella and Agota came first in the girls’ standing long jump.
  • Eleanor won both her field events, the chest push and the speed bounce where she scored 46 jumps in 20 seconds.
  • Lily, Bella, Ethan and Jack performed strongly in the standing triple jump event.
  • Tom took on the role of supporting and motivating the team by shouting “hurry up!” He also finished strongly in the 6 lap race with Jayden.
  • Marshall and Oscar worked as a great team in the 4 lap race.
  • Zoe and Eleanor were amazing in the 6 lap race and won by a whole lap.
  • Bella was the super sprinter of the girls relay team.

Fingers crossed for the final.

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