During the Autumn term, four Year 4 children were invited to participate in a Kurling event held at Pendle Vale College.

The main aim of the Kurling event, was for the children to roll a Kurling stone as close to the middle of a target on the floor as they could. There were three different events; one involved the girls vs the boys and the second was a school vs school competition which Park won! The third event was a Kurling golf course and the children from both schools were tasked with creating different rounds for each other to complete. The aim of the Kurling golf course was for the children to try to beat their partner by achieving the lowest score and they could write this down on a scoresheet.

The children who participated in the event all behaved exceptionally well and they were polite to the children from the other school and they all seemed to enjoy having the opportunity to play a new sport and showing me their competitive side.

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