Year 4 pupils from 4M and 4T visited Burnley College today on an educational trip related to our work on Design & Technology. The pupils enjoyed themselves very much and were excited to take part in a practical design class making torches.

“Today at Burnley College, we made torches. First of all, we named the components of a torch. Then we designed a plastic casing and reflector. When we had finished designing, we had to cut them out neatly and stick them into place. After that, we had to bring our half made torch to a table where we worked with the students from the college to create the circuits to go inside the casing.  It was so much fun!”
Mia Wright (4T)

This is a small selection of the photos taken on the day, to view all photos please visit our Trips and Visits page. You may also wish to look at Year 4M Class and Year 4T Class pages to see our other work.

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