Year 3 held a very successful parents open day on Tuesday 4th October, where our pupils could teach their parents how to make movies, measure perimeter using string, rulers and trundle wheels. They could read and enact folk tales, explore maps of Colne to see how it looked in the past and find places they recognised. There were lots of mini challenges to have a go at and many parents put some lovely comments in our parent’s book.
Thank you so much for the great turn out and we look forward to seeing you next time.

Miss D. Stretton

Hi. I’m Miss Stretton and I teach in year 3. I am a mother and grandmother and have been until a few years ago a foster parent. I love teaching and have been accused of being enthusiastic about everything!! In my spare time, I love walking, having meals with friends, gardening and reading. I recently built a shed with an ex foster son and it is now my castle at the top of the garden!
Miss D. Stretton

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