Today, the Year 3 children visited the ‘Life Bus’.  They began the session by talking about different strategies to keep the human body fit and healthy such as sleep and exercise and a balanced diet.  They then moved on to look at the human body itself and what exists inside, things like: the lungs, heart, veins, stomach, intestines and the liver.  Linking to this, they talked about things that can be harmful to the body which generally you need to be an adult to take them (tobacco and alcohol).

Mr D. Farry

Hi, my name is Mr Farry and I’m a Year 5 teacher.After spending a few years at Park, I consider myself very much part of a great team in a great school.I am now the P.E coordinator, which is great as I am a very active person and love sport.This is reflected in my class, whereby I ensure the children receive lots of physical activity in a week.
Mr D. Farry

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