Yesterday, a selection of Year 3 children went to Pendle Vale College after school to participate in a Year 3 Footgolf event organised and run by Pendle Schools Sports.

The children had to work together in pairs to try to roll and then kick the ball around obstacles (mini hurdles, cones) into the hoop at the end of each course, in the lowest amount of touches possible. There were 10 different courses and their scores were added up at the end.  We came joint first in the penalty shoot-out.

The pairs were – Oscar & Joe, Miah & Nevaeh, Minnie & Saim.

Round 1 – Roll the ball, Round 2 – Kick the ball, Round 3 – Penalty shoot-out

Here’s what Miss Fletcher said the Most Valuable Player – I would have to choose the whole team, because they all tried their best and encouraged and supported each other all the way through and listened to the volunteers that were running each course.

Skills learnt at the event:

They had to be co-ordinated with the ball so that they could avoid the obstacles and also accurate so that the ball stayed within the hoop at the end.

They all showed determination throughout the event, as it was freezing outside but they were persistent in trying to get the ball to stay in the hoop and encourage each other.

During the penalty shoot-out, they all demonstrated excellent teamwork as they were supporting each other when it was their turn to take a penalty and also showed brilliant sportsmanship by clapping children from other schools if they scored as well.

Sounds like our children represented Park perfectly portraying a range of excellent skills and behaviours, well done boys and girls!

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