Today Year 2 enjoyed a fascinating trip to Blackpool Zoo.

From tropical birds to roaring lions, the children had a fantastic time observing the antics of all the animals.

After a pit stop in the Darwin center for lunch, and a brief overview of Charles Darwin’s discoveries of new species, we hurried off to watch a show where we learned interesting facts about sea lions and watched them perform tricks in and out of the water. There were lots of tired but happy children on the bus on the way home!

The children behaved well throughout the day and were a credit to the school.

Mr J. Swarbrick

Since I graduated from university in 2012 I have worked in several schools and year groups including Park Primary’s Year 6, where I aided them with the lead up to their SATs. In September 2015 I began teaching in Year 2. Within the curriculum I have personal passion for Maths, History and Art. Outside of school my main passion is cricket where I’m the captain of the 2nd XI.
Mr J. Swarbrick

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