In Year 2 today we have become explorers! We came to school prepared to face the challenges that an explorer would face throughout the day! We have enjoyed finding and writing about a treasure chest, making ships biscuit, (which is called hard tack), programming BeeBots, finding co-ordinates on our treasure island, sorting and classifying rocks, planning a journey to the moon, researching the lives of Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong and writing about them.

“My favourite part of the day was when we created our own maps and learnt all about co-ordinates” Imogen

“I loved it when I made hard tack because they looked tasty and now I know what the sailors would have eaten on their long voyages. ” Maddison

“I really enjoyed investigating the different rocks and learning about sedimentary rocks ” Tegan

“I really loved dressing up as an explorer, although my moustache tickled!” Joshua


Mr J. Swarbrick

Since I graduated from university in 2012 I have worked in several schools and year groups including Park Primary’s Year 6, where I aided them with the lead up to their SATs. In September 2015 I began teaching in Year 2. Within the curriculum I have personal passion for Maths, History and Art. Outside of school my main passion is cricket where I’m the captain of the 2nd XI.
Mr J. Swarbrick

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