The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Children in Reception have been focusing on the story ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’. We have used ‘Talk for Writing’ to re-tell the story using actions, which has really helped to develop speaking and listening skills. The children discovered that the ‘Tiger’ from the story had not been eating healthily.  Due to this, the Badgers and Hedgehogs decided to send a letter to ‘Mr. Tiger’ to arrange a ‘Healthy Tea Party’ at Park Primary School.

The children began the week by writing a healthy shopping list consisting of different items of fruit. We then went in small groups to Colne Market to visit the fruit stall to buy the various fruits. Along the way, we looked at the many different shops that we have in Colne and the different things that we can buy from those shops. We spoke about Road Safety and how we must cross the road using Zebra Crossings as well as other safe crossings.

The children were shocked when ‘Mr. Tiger’ arrived at school on Thursday afternoon, where children created a healthy fruit salad and shared it with ‘Mr. Tiger’ from the story. The children loved meeting ‘Mr. Tiger’ and were eager to ask many questions.

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