After a couple of disrupted years, children, parents, staff and governors of the school all gathered in the hall to celebrate the successes of our amazing children.
The Duckett Awards mainly focus on our outgoing Year Six children but the hard work of other members of our school was also recognised.
Mrs Midgley opened up by mentioning how well our Year Six, Year Two and Year One children had done in recent tests, how well the children and staff performed in the recent OFSTED inspection and, finally, how proud we were of Mrs Sinclair (for completing her initial teacher training) and Miss Richardson, Miss Chatburn, Mr McKnight-Shaw and Miss Newman for completing their first year as teachers!
Then, we moved onto the important part- celebrating the success of the children.
The Award Winners were as follows:
Progress Awards-
1B – Poppy Leech
2A – Zac Smith
2C – Ava McMurray
2W – Chloe Letcher
3S – Luke Brierley
3WS – Tyler Whittaker
4T – Tilly Pearson
4M – Sharlea Sheratt-Connelly
5D – Lily Morris
5MS – Hugo Whitaker
6F – Akio Jenkins
6TN – Koeban Whitfield
Overall Progress Award- Koeban Whitfield

Claire Brackley Award- Tilly-Mae Pearson
Year Six Best Attendance- Ethan Moore

Reading Award- Erin Hewson
Writing Award- Eleanor Radcliffe
Maths Award- Harvey Baker
Science Award- Alex Galloway
Sports Award- Thomas Jackson
Computing Award- MJ Kenny
Arts Award- Laurie-Kate Miller
Music Award- Declan Comerford
Humanities Award- Ashton Hargreaves
Craig Russell Award (All Rounder)- Maja Kruczynska

Head Boy and Head Girl for next year are Aldion Prenci and Phoebe Daffern.

Finally, we moved onto our most prestigious award- the overall Duckett Trophy winner! Our winner this year is someone that tries hard in everything she does and is always looking to help all children, and adults, across school. She started the year off quite shy but has really come out of her shell- so much so, that she often delivers my assemblies for me on Friday mornings! She runs dinnertime maths clubs for our younger children and helps run the gym, and manage the bottom gate, in the morning. I am really proud to say that this years deserved winner is…Hollie Smith.

Well done to all today’s winners- I am proud of all of you😊

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