The Badgers and Hedgehogs have had an action-packed day at the farm today. To begin with, we were lucky enough to all have a go at feeding baby lambs, goats and calves as well as petting the rabbits and guinea pigs. After that, we ventured onto the Tractor Ride where we saw lots of cows, bulls, sheep and even saw Bruce the stag! Soon after, the children enjoyed spending time on the park as well as the ‘Caterpillar Ride’. The children then sat down to enjoy their lunch altogether in the barn. We then enjoyed time collecting chicken eggs and having a go on the large ‘pillows’ which were like bouncy castles.

We ended our super day playing in the barn on the slides, in the maze and on the little tractors. The children were a credit to Park Primary and their behaviour was fantastic. I am sure most children will have had an early night tonight as they were exhausted by the time we arrived back at school!




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