This morning, our VERY lucky children got a very BIG surprise when they entered the KS2 building for a whole school assembly.  They were greeted by the ‘Tallest’ man is Britain – the one and only Paul Sturgess.  Paul was invited in by the school to tell his motivating life journey so far, to try to explain to the children that anything in life is possible so long as you are willing to work hard for it!  Paul talked about his travels to America playing Pro Basketball and visiting all around the world on tours with his Basketball Team – The Harlem Globetrotters.  The kids were ecstatic in the hall, full of wonder and awe, listening attentively to this giant of a man.

After the assembly, Paul kindly spent the rest of the day working with children from each year group.  I know the children have had a glorious day and were completely fascinated by Paul, he was very energetic, passionate and kind to the children.  He has given each child a signed picture.  Feel free to find out more about Paul at

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