This half term, the Year 4s are welcoming a visitor from Colne & Nelson RUFC.  Amelia (Head Coach through Kids-unite) met the Year 4 children over two 1 hour sessions and started to put them through their paces.

First the children were split into two teams and played some short games of ‘tag’ and ‘first to the ball’.  After that, the children went into team of six where 3 players were allowed to leave their area and the other 3 had to remain inside.  The children then had to collect balls or steal from the other team’s area.  The team left with the most balls would be the winners.  Our children, in true Park tradition, were unbelievably competitive, with a few scowls and tuts and bumps.  All in good spirits, perhaps : )

A good session put in by the children and lots of aggression and steam vented!

Amelia will be continuing her work with the kids once a week for the remainder of the half term.

Cheers Amelia for your efforts.

Mr D. Farry
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