With Christmas just around the corner, children up and down the country have been extremely busy writing their Christmas lists for Santa! Here are some of the books that many of our children are hoping to be getting for Christmas:

Dread Cat (Michael Rosen)

This is a fun story all about a cat that is trying to change his ways and, instead of chasing mice, he wants to become their friend. Will he ever gain their trust? Will he slip back into his old ways?

Rabbit & Bear: The Pest in the Nest (Julian Gough and Jim Field)

All about a irritable rabbit that is getting sick and tired of a bear snoring high up in the branches. Can the two very different characters become friends and iron out their differences?

Little Red Reading Hood (Lucy Rowland and Ben Mantle)

Little Red Riding Hood meets a cunning wolf on the way to the library and persuades her to stray from the path. Having read the story before, she decides to create her own ending…

The Squirrels Who Squabbled (Rachel Bright and Jim Field)

Cyril and Bruce both have their eyes on the last nuts of the season. It is a race between the two to see who can get them all!



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