Hi, my name is Mr Farry, I still consider myself very much part of a great team in a great school, we really do ALL pull together to ensure the children complete a fantastic and enjoyable curriculum. I am still the P.E coordinator (a veteran now that I’ve joined the over 40s club), and still completely passionate about sport and my role in sport at Park. I am still actively involved external sports (both team and individual) and consider this essentially to maintaining a healthy body and mind. The children will tell you I’m still the jovial and humorous person I was when I joined the school, buy I’m simply four/five years older and ‘hopefully’ a little wiser, albeit with a few stray greys! My classroom is a busy place, with high expectations whilst still maintaining a nurturing environment, especially with the kind and generous Mrs Lucas by my side. The children, thus, continue to feel comfortable and content in their learning environment.

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