Forget the World Cup. Forget Wimbledon. THIS was the real sporting highlight of 2018!

After school today, our year 5/6 netball team challenged a Park staff team in a ‘friendly’ game of Hi-5 netball. Despite some fighting talk beforehand, the game was played in a very fair yet very competitive spirit. Although it had been a long while since our staff had last played netball, they rose to the occasion and showed off some impressive skills.

Thanks largely to the endless energy and tenacity of Miss Barker and Mr Swarbrick; the defensive organisation of Mr Byrom and Mr Bunyan; and the dynamic duo of Miss Wilkinson and Miss O’Brien in attack (not to mention Mrs Ewens scoring the goal of the game!), the staff team powered into a strong lead. However, the 5/6 team fought back, and with Ashleigh taking no prisoners at the back and Grace showing clinical finishing in attack, the girls demonstrated their usual teamwork and never-say-die attitude which saw them deservedly finish as the 2nd best team across all of Pendle earlier in the year.

Unfortunately for the girls, it was to be 2nd place again today, as, in a close contest, the staff team were victorious by 10 goals to 7.  A big thank you to all the children who took part and to the staff who gave up their time to play – it was a very enjoyable (albeit tiring!) game.


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