What an amazingly positive and healthy start to the week it was yesterday.  ‘Little John’ from @skip2bfit completed many exhausting sessions showing the children from Years 2 through to 6 how to skip, skip, skip your way to physical bliss!

Through the use of special durable, adjustable and self-counting skipping ropes the children had to challenge themselves to beat themselves.  They get to skip to a two minute music slot to see how many skips they can do, there can be no cheating as the skip does the counting for you.  The children had an amazing and exertive day and even got treated to a free batch of blueberries to give them some super power after their exertions.

A special mention has to go to Oakley from 5MS for the highest count of the day – an amazing 280 skips in 2 minutes, he even beat our highest staff count from Miss DeCurtis at 263 in 2 minutes.  Mr Farry, showing his age,  chipped in with a meagre 249 skips…  more resilience required : (

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