As part of a significant play area improvement project implemented at Park Primary School,the School Council children have been involved with the stone carving of a series of stone tiles that will be located as a permanent feature on the stone walls within the playground.

Each child carved a stone tile 300mm square with a woodland image that they designed earlier in the week.

Using chisels and mallets,traditional stone carving tools and under the guidance of Michael Disley, a stone sculpture, the children created pieces of sculpture that will form a large mosaic displaying the playground.

This will be the final installation within the playground that is part of of a commission awarded to ‘Playscape Enginnering Ltd’ part of the Landscape Engineering Ltd Group.

The children had so much fun carving the stone as well as learning a new skill. Tony from Year 6 said ” This has been a brilliant experience”.

BBC Radio Lancashire spent the morning at school interviewing both staff and children. What a fantastic day it has been for our School Council Representatives!

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