Today, Class 5F had an action packed day in Preston completing a ‘Treasure Trail’ in the morning and watching the theatre production of ‘Gangsta Granny’ in the afternoon.  Splitting the day into two parts, the children firstly explored the lovely ‘Avenham Park’ along the River Ribble whilst completing an exciting and informative trail based on local geography and history.  They busied themselves until lunch time with the exploration activity and then spent some free time in the local park.  Despite the fun start to the day, the best was still to come!  The children walked off their lunch with a brisk walk to the local theatre, where they were treated to a fantastic show.  The audience were in hysterics, especially at Granny’s quaking, the children had a very fun day out.

Thank you to the parents for the sponsorship money that helped make this trip possible and to the children and their efforts in the car wash and persuasive letter writing which brought additional funds in for the trip.

Back to normal tomorrow, ready for Maths and English : )

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