On Tuesday morning Year 5 children spent time with their parents having fun completing an array of activities linked to their current learning (including their topic  – The Earth and Beyond).  Thank you to all parents who were able to come, the children couldn’t resist telling the teachers how much they learned during the session.  It also seems they were able to teach their parents a thing or two! See below comment from a parent.

“Always great at parent drop in, learning new things even us parents don’t know!”


Mr D. Farry

Hi, my name is Mr Farry and I’m a Year 5 teacher.After spending a few years at Park, I consider myself very much part of a great team in a great school.I am now the P.E coordinator, which is great as I am a very active person and love sport.This is reflected in my class, whereby I ensure the children receive lots of physical activity in a week.
Mr D. Farry

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