Science and industry have shaped our lives for centuries; today, 4B and 4T found out some of the ways in which that has happened when we visited the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

Despite the heavy traffic, we arrived in good spirits and had our picnic in the museum’s education centre. Then the fun began!

To supplement the work we’ve been doing in science on states of matter, we had two professional demonstrations. First, we learned about explosions, and what is needed to make one. After this interactive show, we came away with the important knowledge that a cow’s trump can cause an explosion!

The other demonstration we had, in the Power Hall, explained how steam is used in engines, to power trains and generate electricity. We even got to see a ‘train on a treadmill’ to demonstrate how the wheels turn!

Finally, we were fascinated by all the interactive science puzzles and games in the Experiment section of the museum, where we built a pyramid of tennis balls, created a giant bubble, and learned that rubbish can be used to power electricity!

All in all, it was an entertaining and educational experience, linking our work in school to the world around us. Thank you to all the staff and children for making it such a success!

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