Did you know that today was No Pens Wednesday in the U.K.

Here at Park we have been enjoying taking part in lots of speaking and listening activities. The teachers in particular found it really difficult not to pick up theirs Pens ! The National Communication Trust is encouraging schools to develop the children’s speaking and listening skills. Activities included recording stories, newspaper reports, discussions and debates as well as using practical equipment  for maths, drama programming computers and following directions. School Advisor , Gemma Whaling noticed the school was unusually noisier than usual due to the children enjoying talking so much ! I was pleased to see ( and hear ) the children learning so much without using their pencils.

Mrs J. Turner

I have been teaching at Park for over twenty six years – I may have taught some of your parents! I have spent many years teaching in Key Stage 1 but more recently in Year 5 and 6, and now Year 3. I am also Assistant Head Teacher and SENCo. This means I manage the Inclusion Team and Special Educational Needs at Park Primary School.
Mrs J. Turner

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