Day 1 in school:

Mrs Wildman and myself set off at 7.30 AM for our first day of teaching. The children were extremely excited to see us in their classrooms and loved receiving their own whiteboard and a new book and pencil! We started the day with the children’s very first phonics lesson then shared the lovely Gruffalo story with them. The Teacher was just as engaged as all the children and was laughing and asking to see the pictures again! The interactive Gruffulo story was a huge hit with all the children, staff and sisters at the School followed by Mrs Wildman’s drama performance of the ‘Little Brown Mouse’.

It was such a brilliant day!

The children at school often do not eat outside of school but this didn’t stop them offering to share their snack and lunch with us.

Below you can see lots of highlights of our day …..



Positives from today:

This little boy is Micheal. He is 3 years old and although he is not officially attending the bridging school, as he is too young, he spends everyday there and is fed, taught and cared for by the teachers and sisters. He has been attending school there for the last month and through following him home and gaining his trust the sisters have been able to track down his mother. Micheal’s mother invited us to see where she lives today and spent the day with our social worker gaining advice on behaviour management and parenting techniques. Mum has been provided with a new portable fire stove by the charity and plans to arrange a spot on Dagoretti market in order for her to start her new business and begin supporting her family again.


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