On Wednesday, Zoe, Eleanor, Lily, Agota, Ella and Lacey participated in a Netball Seeding Competition at Pendle Vale College that would determine which Netball league they would be placed into.

They played 4 games and won EVERY. SINGLE. GAME! The scores were 9-0, 8-0, 7-0 and 6-0, with Agota, Lily, Eleanor and Lacey scoring brilliant goals to ensure victory. Ella and Zoe were solid in defence and jumped 10 foot into the air to make interceptions and put pressure on the other team’s players. Eleanor, Lily, Zoe and Agota worked amazingly well together in attack and a special mention needs to go to Lacey from Year 5 who performed really well with the Year 6s and was impressive against some very tall defenders.

The girls thoroughly deserved their wins, as they have put in so much dedication and perseverance into their training since September at Netball club; myself and Miss Newman are so proud of them for achieving the superb results.

Well done girls, fingers crossed for the league matches!


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