After the amazing performance from the Netball girls at the seeding event, they were placed in the Diamond league (the highest league for Pendle schools) and had their first league matches this Wednesday. The atmosphere was extremely tense and the other schools were very competitive; however, the girls worked their socks off and deservedly won all of their 4 matches! The scores were 3-2, 3-1, 3-0 and 5-0.

The girls should be so proud of their performances from the league games and below are some highlights of the evening….

  • Zoe was almost like a kangaroo on the court with the number of interceptions she made and she scored 3 goals in one match which was very impressive.
  • Lily, Agota and Eleanor scored crucial goals and stood their ground against tricky defenders. They also showed great perseverance and teamwork when trying to regain possession.
  • Ella made some brilliant interceptions to stop the opposition from scoring and constantly encouraged and motivated her teammates.
  • Lacey showed her determined character against her defender and never stopped trying to take shots.

Brilliant results girls!

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