Our Year 6 girls have made us all incredibly proud, as they became the winners of the Pendle Netball Diamond League! This is a massive achievement and a great finish to their Netball careers at Park; hopefully they will continue to thrive in Netball at their respective high schools. Zoe, Ella, Ieva, Agota, Lily and Eleanor played brilliantly throughout the matches, they each scored superb goals and made some tricky interceptions.

The scores were……

Park v Sacred Heart 2-1         Park v Higham  5-1        Park v Wheatley Lane  7-2            Park v St.Thomas  3-3

The overall scores were……..

3rd – Sacred Heart 37 points         2nd – St.Thomas 39      1st – Park with an impressive 47 points!

Their dedication to Netball since September has been amazing, as they consistently come to training and are always willing to try new tactics and listen to advice.

Enjoy the win girls and wear your medals with pride!

Below are some of the photos from the competition. There was a mini dance after a goal and some synchronised shoelace-tying from Zoe and Agota.

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