Yesterday, Park Primary launched their vision for National Obesity Awareness Week.  The morning kicked off with an informative assembly discussing what obesity is and what healthy eating and living looks like.  This was followed by an interactive quiz about healthy eating which the children were fully engaged with.  Entering the KS2 Hall, the children cast a few curious glances at Mr Ainsworth and 2 volunteer children from Year 6, who were sat on static bicycles with resistor frames cycling their hearts out.  As part of the week, the school is aiming to cycle 900 miles from coast to coast (John O’ Groats to Lands End) by keeping the 3 bicycles in motion all day (6 hours) for 5 days in a row.  Both staff and children are getting involved, parent helpers are more than welcome to come in and join in on the fun also whenever they drop children off in the morning.

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