Today, Class 5F visited the Colne Library and were split up in to small groups to discuss, create and design new worlds.  They initially wrote down their ideas on paper, this then progressed to drawing and finally building their world using Lego.  The children were completely immersed ALL morning and after some magnificent creations they presented their world to the class.  Stephen, who organised and ran the activity from the library, was very impressed with the amazing creative ideas and designs from our children.  He had to fight hard for a grant to allow such projects to occur & he was so pleased to see the opportunities come to fruition.

Some comments from the children:

I really enjoyed it because we could all incorporate our ideas, Megan.

It was so much fun, I would do it everyday over and over again, Annabelle.

It was a tiring morning but people kept trying and trying again, Lloyd.

It was really fun because I learnt how to walk the animated dog using ICT, Isabell.


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