In Year 3, the children have just started their learning in Science for this half term; their Science topic is Light and Shadow.

Yesterday afternoon, the children spent lots of time, discussing, making observations, predictions and statements based on a few experiments completed together based on light.

Scarlett, from 3F, knew lots about light before Mr Farry even started teaching it.  She bravely stood in front of the class imparting her scientific knowledge to her peers.  She said statements like: “Darkness absorbs light and light cannot bend around corners, also she discussed some home experiments she had already completed at home.

The children participated in a fun experiment to describe how we can see things in light, although it wasn’t that easy, as there were objects hidden in the darkness of some pre-made boxes.  Lots of fun was had to figure out the contents in the boxes as the pictures suggest.

As a plenary, somehow, the conversation was steered today how and why the sky is blue during the day and red during dawn & dusk – a concept which surpasses Year 3 BUT there’s nothing wrong with high expectations!


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