This afternoon Year 3 went on a historic walk around Colne where we looked at buildings from the past and present. The children used their maps that they created in class to navigate (with the aid of a compass) around the town. We stopped at several locations to discuss about some of the historic buildings that we have investigated in class. Some of the buildings we stopped at were: The Gables – the old library, the nursery – the Cloth Piece Hall, shopping arcade – Cooperative Emporium.

Mr J. Swarbrick

Since I graduated from university in 2012 I have worked in several schools and year groups including Park Primary’s Year 6, where I aided them with the lead up to their SATs. In September 2015 I began teaching in Year 2. Within the curriculum I have personal passion for Maths, History and Art. Outside of school my main passion is cricket where I’m the captain of the 2nd XI.
Mr J. Swarbrick

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