This afternoon, 5F continued their Healthy Eating Programme delivered by Burnley FC.  They were investigating what eating habits they have now; thinking about what they usually have for breakfast, lunch and tea, and whether this represented a balanced diet or not (based on the 5 food groups).  They then looked at what unhealthy foods could be substituted, making a more healthy diet (chocolate to apples, white bread to brown bread).

Finally, the children then went and burned some calories playing a few lively games of dodgeball.

Mr D. Farry

Hi, my name is Mr Farry and I’m a Year 5 teacher.After spending a few years at Park, I consider myself very much part of a great team in a great school.I am now the P.E coordinator, which is great as I am a very active person and love sport.This is reflected in my class, whereby I ensure the children receive lots of physical activity in a week.
Mr D. Farry

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