On Friday 28th of June, we went to Burnley College. It was such a fun experience! As we got off the bus,we saw many children walking happily, across the bridge. When we arrived, we saw the most incredible dancing, singing and an enormous robot named Titan! Me and my partner Olivia were amazed by the robot. So was the rest of our class.Titan’s moves were amazing but unpredictable.

As we arrived at the next section (plastering and moulding), a man welcomed us and told us what we were doing. First, he showed us what to do then we attempted to follow his instructions but that didn’t turn out correctly. We still had fun in the construction area.

Written by Charli-Mai (Y4)


The best part was when Titan the Robot sprayed water at us.  He was six inches taller than Miss Craig!  After that we made and coloured our own planets and bat houses and to end the best part was when we played dodgeball in a team.

by Victor (Y4)





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