Tonight Park’s ‘famous’ Girl’s Football Team took part in the last group-stage event of the Pendle Girl’s Football League, at Fishermore High School. The girls were top of the league with 39 points followed shortly behind by Earby on 35.

First upEarby! What a tight game this was for both teams. The girls from both teams battling for goal but unfortunately nobody found the net and the game finished 0-0.

Next upWalverden! Again another tough game for the girls. Neck and neck right up until the last 5 minutes… then some nice foot work from Tia and … GOAL!!! One under our belt, but still one more to go! 

Finally – Christ Church! Again another difficult match for the girls. Both sides giving every bit of energy they had to find the net… and then she only goes and does it again! Well done Tia – another beautiful shot into the back of the net!

As we all gathered for the award ceremony you could have cut the atmosphere with a knife – it was so tense. We watched as each team was awarded their certificates and medals and then finally the announcement … first place with a massive 54 points… PARK! 

A big thank you to all of the parents who have supported us throughout both the Pendle league and the Danone league. Your support means such a lot to the girls.

Let’s not forget a MASSIVE ‘Well done!’ to Park’s Girls Football Team. You’ve made us all proud girls.

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