On Wednesday, our Year 5 and 6 Girls football team took part in the Danone Pendle Football semi-finals. We came up against Laneshawbridge in our first game, we started off slow in the first half with no goals but came back fighting to win 2-0 in the second half with Tia and Leah scoring two fantastic goals! Our second game was against Marsden, the girls played brilliantly and it ended up another 4-0 win for Park. Finally, our last game against Christ Church and what a tough game that was for the girls; the first half of the game both Park and Christ Church were battling for a goal and then, in the first 5 minutes of the second half, Leah scored a fantastic goal for the girls which made it a 1-0 win in the end for Park!

Now the girls are representing Pendle in the finals at AFC Fleetwood on Friday 25th January, so if you see the girls training during the school day don’t forget to say a massive well done and wish them luck for the finals.

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