Well, what an amazing day our Park children have had.  15 lucky boys and girls made the effort (on their day off) to travel and compete in a Cross Country Fell race near Kirkby Lonsdale – a stones throw from The Lakes.  The race day and fair (hosted by Hutton Roof Running Club) had several different categories including: U9s boys and girls, U11s boys and girls, U13s boys and girls and even Mr Farry and Mrs DiCurtis got involved running the 7.5 mile adult event.  As well as all these races going on, as can be viewed from the photos below, there was a fair going on too, with lots of really fun activities provided.  It was heart-warming to see the children having such a good time – which of course isn’t always the case in school with all the academic pressures on the children – and their behaviour was fantastic, with the Hutton representatives commenting on how lovely it was to see a school attend an event like this and how well our children conducted themselves all day.

On to the business side of things then.  All of the children ran admirably and we had some great success stories.  In the U9 girls we finish 2nd, 3rd and 4th as well as other decent finishing times.  In the U11 boys we had a boy finish 2nd in the category as well as other top 10 finishers.  The U11 girls finished 1st and 2nd, again with others finishing in the top 10.  We also had a well placed finisher in the boys U13.  Also a shout out to one of our girls who heroically limped to the finish line despite being knocked and having a tough fall during the race.  Mrs DiCurtis kept up her high running standard finishing 6th overall in her age category whilst Mr Farry finished a more modest 17th in his category – tail firmly between his legs.  Both teachers were overwhelmed with the support from both children and parents at the end of their race.  Thank you so much, it meant a lot.

A final thank you then to Miss Barker and other parents who volunteered today, travelling down and giving up a full Saturday to help out.  It was a long day from 10am until 7pm arriving back at Park.  And of course, well done once again to the children, you did myself and Mrs DiCurtis proud, with your not only your running but your conduct and resilience to keep it up ALL day!

Mr D. Farry
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