Children in EYFS enjoyed exploring and investigating how Chinese New Year is celebrated, as part of our RE topic this term.  Take a look at our learning…

Henry said, “They eat different food like spring rolls.”

We enjoyed tasting spring, rolls, fried rice and noodles.  We found the chopsticks a little tricky to use!





We read the story of the very first Chinese New Year.  Then we acted out the story in the hall.  Elena told the class, “The rat cheated to win the race!”




We decorated our own Chinese Dragon and did a dance around the class, listening to Chinese music.  Oscar said, “They have dragons to dance on Chinese Day!”




Faye found out that she was born in the year of the rabbit.  Some children were born in the year of the dragon.





Cade told the class about the lucky red envelopes that we made.  “For Chinese people to give money.”

Sophie enjoyed copying some Chinese writing on her lucky envelope.  Mara noticed that Chinese people write different to us‘ and William explained,They speak different too!”

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