Today, both EYFS and Year 1 were visited by some very special guests from the Zoolab. Leader Lynda came to school and brought different animals of all shapes and sizes. To start off with, she brought a very large South African snail- called Gary- and his babies, we learnt that Gary could potentially grow to the same size as a football!!

Next up, we met a very friendly spider called Luna. We learnt that, although very friendly, we weren’t allowed to touch Luna because she shot hairs out of her legs, which can become very itchy!

Next out of the bag came a black and green frog, called Kermit. We learnt that when a frog has bright colours, it means there is poison inside it which often puts it’s predators off. Up next, was the main attraction, a python snake called Draco (named after Harry Potter’s Draco Malfoy). All the children got to have hold of Draco and learnt that a snake sheds its skin once a month.

Last, but not least, was a big rat called Milo. The children took a shine to Milo and all gave him a good stroke! The children asked questions such as ‘Why he had such a long tail?’, Lynda answered by telling them that it was ‘so that the rats could keep good balance’.

Overall, it was a brilliant experience enjoyed by all and we have all learned a lot of new facts about different animals.

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