Today, the Year 2s commenced their 2nd week of Cricketing with specialist coach and ex pro, Joe Scuderi.  Joe has been visiting for a few years now and it’s great to have him back again this year after the many set back through out the pandemic.

Here is some information drafted by the children in Year 2 with a little inference from their Teaching Assistant, Mrs. Mitchell.

We had a lovely morning with Joe for cricket. We practised throwing and catching skills, ball control and moving whilst in control of the ball. After this, we moved on to try hitting the ball from a tee. We learned how to stand, how to hold bat and how to step when we swing – some were more successful than others. We then played a team game to get points if we managed to hit the ball (front foot drive) through the correct coloured cones.

Super effort Year 2 and thanks Joe!  Joe will be coaching the Year 2s for the remaining Summer 1 term.


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