In September, the Year 5 classes went on a trip to Ingleborough Cave.

Firstly, we did a Nature trail and we had to find little posts with numbers and clues from a Map.  After the trail we had lunch, then we went into the caves.  We had to wear helmets for safety.  Inside it was cold and eerie, you could feel water drippings from the ceiling.  We learned that the water from the rivers above made the cave.  There was different types of rock, like Limestone.  Some of them had names like: the elephant; the mushroom and the lips.  Other rocks were called Stalagmites and Stalactites (one of them was joined up).

“Overall, it was a fun and educational trip.” by Lily Wynne

Before we got to the caves we had to go on a Nature trail.  It was a two mile walk with posts marks to find using maps and clues.  Once we found them all we were at the cave, where we quickly had our tasty lunch.  After lunch, we put on some comfortable helmets, then we entered the cave.  We learned that the water above came through the rock and that’s how the cave was created.  Inside the cave at one point the guide turned off all the lights and EVERYBODY screamed!  We saw an underwater city near the end of the cave that was really cool.

“I’m pretty sure that the whole class had a great day out, I know I did!” by Dylan Magee

This is a small selection of the photos taken on the day, to view all photos please visit our Trips and Visits page. You may also wish to look at Year 5W Class and Year 5F Class pages to see our other work.

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