Fourteen lucky children from years 5 and 6 had a full-filled couple of days in London on Tuesday and Wednesday!

We started off with the long journey down from Colne train station to London Euston with a quick stop at Preston.

Once in London, we took a visit to the Science Museum, where the children found out lots of facts about space and the body and played on some science games. We also spent a bit of our pocket money in the exciting shop!

Next up was the Natural History Museum where we saw lots of dinosaur fossils and other funny looking creatures!

After all that walking and learning, the children had a fabulous tea at Pizza Express, which consisted of Dough Balls, Pizza or Pasta and Chocolate Brownie or Ice cream.

Finally, we played all kinds of games in Hyde Park – frisbee, throw and catch, and some games the children made up themselves!

Day two of the London trip was just as action-packed as the first!

First, after a 7:30 am breakfast, we took the tube to Westminster. We saw Big Ben (which, unfortunately, was surrounded by scaffolding) and then the River Thames and the London Eye, before visiting the Houses of Parliament, which, contrary to what one of the children thought, is not where The Emoji Movie was shot! When we were there, we had a tour of the building and learned lots of interesting facts! The children and adults agreed that this was an incredible experience and was a very valuable learning experience!

After that, in the education centre, we learned all about laws and how they are created. We even had a Q and A session with Andrew Stephenson, the MP for Pendle.

Following a quick pit stop for lunch, we headed, via Downing Street, to St James’s Park. Wandering through the park, we got an ice cream before visiting the Queen’s house, Buckingham Palace!

Finally, there was just time to buy some souvenirs and take one final tube to Euston.

Thank you to Mr Strachan, Mrs Beechey and Miss Craig for making things go smoothly! (They even negotiated an 11 pm fire alarm in the hostel and having to move from a faulty train to a fully functional one at Euston!)

A huge well done to all the children who went for representing the school so well – they’ve made us very proud and they were an absolute delight to have on the trip!


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