To round off Day 3, we decided to relax and have a film night. We all cozied up with our duvets, hot chocolate and some popcorn and watched a film. 


Once again, we woke up this morning ready for our final day of activities, caving and Forest School. We went to Pooles Cavern and explored the impressive cave. We discovered that there was evidence that suggests humans used to live here towards the end of the Stone Age and early Bronze Age. Within the cave there are two main chambers where stalagmites and stalactites grow. In one room it takes 100 years to grow 1cm and in the other only 10 years! 

After dinner, we went had Forest School where we learnt all about fire making and how the people who lived around Pooles Cavern would have started it all those years ago. To finish our historical outing off we ventured up the hill to Solomon’s Tower which was created at the end of the Napoleonic war by British soldiers who were struggling to find work. 

All the children are looking forward to their final tea, packing their suitcases and returning back home tomorrow. 

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